Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Grumpy Old Men.....we're in a league of our own

Especially G.O.M. of Polish ethnicity.  

Exactly how many adult women are there in the world?  1 billion, 2 billion.  And they're basing this on the opinions of 15,000 women.  Any statisticians out there?  Is this a good sampling?

(How the hell did New Zealand make it into the top ten?)


  1. I cry foul!!! The English are tigers in bed! Grrrr.

  2. Speaking as a Six Sigma trained statistician, if you do the survey right, sample sizes of a few hundred are more than adequate.

    Of course, if you're asking the question in several different languages, you're going to have trouble doing the survey right--you simply cannot ask the same question exactly the same way in English, German, etc.. The idioms don't work that way.

    One might also note that if the women surveyed had a basis for comparison between men of various countries, well.....ain't it pretty obvious that they're not qualified to comment on what makes really good sex? ("marriage to one man")

    Part of me (the smart aleck part) also wants to joke that certain nations would have fared better in this survey if they hadn't been so foolish as to only survey women.... :^)

  3. I agree with Bubba (but I place the trained statistician part well above the Six Sigma part) the variables in this survey are many, but if done correctly a few hundred might be enough... that being said, this survey prolly has many flaws...


    Now as for American men being "too dominating"... Well...

    *cue The Guess Who... American Woman...*

  4. W.B. Think about your poor (future) male offspring: they're gonna have both lazy and loud genes. Double whammy.

    Bubba: dang, I need to get you sent an invitation to post. Sorry about that. I don't think I had your email right on hand when I sent out the first wave of permissions. I'll send one over when I get home tonight.

  5. As someone who has limited training in Six Sigma, I sense there's a lot of noise in the numbers. Or something like that.

  6. considering there arent that many brazilians or spaniards round these parts, i'll accept and promote the results as published.

    now, if you'll excuse my swagger...

  7. Well, these results mesh with a lot that I've heard (although I suspect French, Spanish, and Italians were rated extra high because that's how women have been taught to perceive them ;) ). Actually, in general, I am a bit saddened by how little is a surprise here, and I wonder whether women were answering from experience or from hearsay. (For the record, I have an experience of 1, and would not be qualified to assess the question.)

    But, what's to be surprised about, with New Zealand and Australia? They were penal colonies with very few women--even worse off than America, I gather, which was mostly 'volunteer' colonized. Women were therefore either going to be taken by the most brutal caveman, or choose to go with the man who made them feel safest and most loved. Since neither country is currently highly aggressive (although absolutely willing to fight in a scrap), current social developments suggest the latter was prevalent. (Unlike *our* country, which has a horrific history, particularly in the earliest years, of violent "sport," and famously kept women from voting rights later than some of the others on the "best lovers" list.)

    Plus, to survive in Australia and New Zealand, took some pretty hardy stock: strength and a willingness to please (and strong survival genes) ... can't say I know any women who don't appreciate that, when it's aimed in their favor ;). And as "new" cultures which had every reason to give the old cultures the finger, they probably dumped a lot of the more denigrating opinions about females faster and more thoroughly than, say, Western Europe ... which Gino recently pointed out is still prone to do things like declare a pedophile "unjustly" suffering for a warrant for arrest.

    And yes, I've heard that Canada is culturally a nicer place for women than America. (Although maybe only English-speaking Canada? But then I don't like a lot of French cultural assumptions, so I might be projecting.)

    What I have heard about the French/Spanish/Italians, is that the vacation parts of those nations are places where living is not a constant struggle (eg, the Mediterranean Coast) and so the men (and presumably the women) have time and energy for romance/more sex.