Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Initial walk through

So here we are. The vision of a select few "MOBsters" has turned into a reality with a brand new venue! I'm hoping a new location will rejuvenate my creativity in the blogosphere.

It's been said that a flock of geese fly 70% further than a single goose. Does this mean my blogging output will increase that much? Who's to say, but I know the NFL banter will be fun. With Gino, Moose and myself, the NFC North has 75% representation! I guess all that's left is someone to exhibit the intestinal fortitude to become a Detroit Lions apologist.

With that, I extend a sincere "thanks" to kingdavid for his invitation. I don't believe I'm setting the bar too high when I say that I can live up to the name of this blog.


  1. Welcome Brad. Who do you think we could convince to support the Kitties? Probably no one. That means we might have to draw straws. I'll exempt myself because rooting for the Packers isn't optional; it's a neurological disorder. :)

  2. not being a MOBster makes me the odd man out. i'd say i kinda used to that.

    now, are we gonna try to generate some traffic here, or just banter secretly amongst ourselves?

    given the cast of characters, good traffic is a doable goal.

  3. Oh, I think we can drive some traffic to this site. I'll do my bit.