Sunday, September 27, 2009

Last Minute Sunday Blogging (w/o spellcheck)

Minnesota Favres vs San Francisico 49er's:
Both teams have been doing well on defense this season, but the Favres have the offense, and home field advantage. Favres by three TD's.

The Not-S0-All-That Green Bay Packers vs St Louis Rams: Average D meets nonexistant O in this battle of eventual third-place finishers. (yawn)
Move along, folks. Nothing to see here.

The Chicago Surging Bears vs Seattle Seahawks: The Bears haven't won in Seattle since some time back in the 70's. Seattle is difficult for visitors anyway, 'cept for last year when QB Hassleback was on the sissy list. Well, Hassleback has returned to the sissy list with some broken ribs, and won't be a threat to the almighty and surging, Bears, who are finally getting their O up and moving.
Bears by three, in a battle of the D.

As for Detroit Lions, expect more of the same.

Have a good Sunday.


  1. The Packers defense already has 21 points for my fantasy team, not even to the half. Way to go boys. Keep the pressure on.

  2. Go pack go!
    KD, good fantasy Defense choice, I've got the same.

  3. The Packer defense sucks. What the heck!!! I just got back from running errands and checked my team. GB D ended up at 11 points. None of my guys have done anything today. I still have Fitzgerald and Barber to try and pull out a W; but it doesn't look good right now.

  4. The fantasy gods giveth and they taketh away. And remember, the defense you really want is the New York Football Giants, who shut out the Bucs and held them to 86 total yards today.

  5. The Raven D had a nice game!!! Yet, I will probably lose for the second straight week, unless Romo to Roy E Williams can dominate tonight. I'm not holding my breath. Grrrrrr yes, I'm grumpy for a #*&%!#& reason! Get off my lawn!!!