Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Just as Homer drools over donuts; I love salami.  It's genetic, passed down from my grandfather.  Not sure if my dad has it, or if it skipped a generation.  My grandpa would have salami for evening snacks.  I'm not averse to snitching salami throughout the evening as well.  Which leads to this story:

The Sofia road police and a salami factory announced Tuesday that they will start offering free salami this month to drivers who give right of way to pedestrians at marked street crossings.

I'd love to get a job as a quality control expert at a salami factory; not unlike Norm in an episode of Cheers.  Most grumpy old men should remember the episode I speak of, or Cheers for that matter.


  1. my Nonna used to make her own, from a freshly slaughtered pig.

    best salami you ever had.

    this comercial stuff we are stuck with is rather bland by comparison.

  2. Gino, I though salami was supposed to be an aged kind of meat, not a fresh kind.

  3. the meat is fresh when it goes into the salami. the salami itself is then cured.

  4. Just think of the ad campaign this company could go with: Save A Child's Life and Eat a Salami---two things definitely worth doing.

  5. A good salami is wonderful. But Gino is right, the homemade ones are the best, or if you can find a good butcher shop. We had a world-class one back home and the salami and other sausages they made were great.