Sunday, September 20, 2009

NFL's Week 2 grumblings via Twitter

KFAN guy Dan Barreiro:

(Jay Cutler) rebounds, outduels Big Ben; in Chicago, has already gone from being Moses Moreno...back to Moses.

Also from Barreiro:

10 sacks allowed through 2 games? Maybe Pack can call free agent tackle Tony Mandarich.

ESPN's Adam Schefter:

Raiders, Bills, Bengals - all had hearts stomped on last week. And all bounced back this week, impressively. Kudos to those organizations.

Learned Foot, blogger and Packer fan:

Viking fans insufferable after beating Detroit.I suppose when you've got a 3rd rate franchise with a history of futility about to move to LA...


  1. As I said over on my blog, Dan Barreiro is Satan incarnate to Packers fans.

  2. He's not the kindest to Vikings faithful either.

  3. True dat, but I especially don't like jokes about drinking paint thinner.