Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Oh, to be a QB named Manning (UPDATE)

OK, how about a diversion from the grumpiness?

Sure, both Peyton & Eli Manning are $100 million, Super Bowl winning quarterbacks. And if that's not enough, both have overachieved in the "smokin' hot wife" department.

Behold Ashley (Peyton's wife, top picture) and Abby.

But who's more smokin' hot?!?!?!


If the poll question were Which Manning is the better QB?, Peyton would have won handily.

I guess the same can be said for who has the hotter wife. Peyton's wife Ashley outpolled Abby by a 71%-29% margin.

Thanks for voting!


  1. Given kingdavid's age, he might have preferred having an opportunity to vote for the Manning matriarch, Olivia.

  2. I just googled her. Archie certainly could have done a lot worse. The only concern I'd have about being married to her is that all she could cook would be stuff like jumbalaya and grits. I wonder if she could make a mean cabbage roll.

  3. Brad, you also need to do Ginger vs. Mary Anne.

  4. peyton's wife looks hotter because she looks more natural about it. the other looks like she's just trying too hard.

    maybe, without the make-up, and the glamour setting, things might be different?