Sunday, September 27, 2009

Stay out of my TV!

You want to know what really turns my crank and gives me the RA? Well, actually, a lot of things. I'm talking about what's really annoying me today: Cletus, the ever-annoying robot animation that FOX Sports has used for way too long as it milks a few more sponsor dollars as it comes out of commercials. For one shining moment - and it could only have been a moment - he was amusing - like finding a mouse in your cereal bowl - and then you kill it. Yet Fox rolls the bolted dolt out every season. It's as if Fox mixed "Cop Rocks" with "Angel" to turn a horrible concept into some undead computer animation.

I don't know why Fox keeps using this thing. Is it to make Terry Bradshaw look smarter? To make Jimmy Johnson's hair look more natural? To make Howie Long look less like a Rock 'em-Sock'em Robot?

Yeah, I get it; it's supposed to be a "football" animation, as if we football fans will watch anything football related. Bah, I'd rather watch topless male cheerleaders. Cletus brings no information and no amusement; he adds even less to a game than Chris Collinsworth! Watching Cletus is even more annoying than watching GM use my tax dollars to run back-to-back-to-back commercials about cars that have been miraculously improved in two months.

I will say that Cletus does move a little better than the big hick who is GM's CEO du-jour, though. "I had my doubts before taking this job." Ya think?


  1. You should appreciate this video then:


    Is a link that works.

  3. Yes, nice rant!

    That robot actually has a name? And some people actually get paid to make that shit up? Grrrrrr