Monday, September 21, 2009

Too bad they don't see the same video

Last year, mid-August, we made our first foray into the Boundary Water Canoe Area.  We went to Lake Kiwishiwee, and had to check in at the Tofte Ranger Station just along the North Shore.

One of the things they make you do is watch a video then answer some questions about camping protocol in the BWCA.  One of the funny things on the video was what to do if a bear comes in to camp.  Evidently, all you do is stand up, wave your arms, and yell at the intruder.  The bear then hightails it out of Dodge.

Surprisingly, I don't think the bears are being shown the same video.  The week after we got back I read two stories about black bear attacks that resulted in serious injuries.  They also don't appear to have translated the video into Japanese bear language either:

Bear Injuring 9 at Japan Rest Stop Is Shot Dead

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