Saturday, October 24, 2009

Abba Zabba

I'm watching the University of Texas doing an absolute beat down on Missouri, whilst wondering about the origins of the anger of the football gods against Missouri.
Mean while, a craving some something sweet and peanut buttery creeps into my mind.
Knowing we have neither Butterfingers nor Reece's on hand, I wander into the cabinets to find something else.
This is what I find, Abba-Zaba, a 'Chewy Taffy - Peanut Butter Center' candy bar
, advertised as 'Long Lasting Fun!'

With difficulty, I pull the wrapper off, and try to take a bite. Nothing doing, these suckers are hard to get through. Now on bite 3, after 8 minutes, I'm no longer as thrilled about this as I was upon finding it.

10:00pm Still chewing on this puppy.
10:34pm I quit, 2 bites left but i can't finish it.


  1. It's probably made for Texas cowboys to chaw while on those long cattle drives. I'm a little weird when it comes to candy. I like chocolate, and I like peanut butter; but, I don't like chocolate & peanut butter candy. I like chocolate and caramel. I like peanuts, but I don't like peanuts in candy bars. I don't think I'd much care for this concoction.

  2. well, it was long lasting. was it fun,too?

    your next trick: eat a chick-a-stick.

  3. Sounds like those old Charleston Chew bars, which often doubled as nightsticks.

  4. KD, if you value your teeth, you probably wouldn't like it.

    Gino, it was long lasting anyways. I think I've had a chick-a-stick actually.

    WB, loi

    D, I've never had one of those either. But it sounds similar.

  5. Sounds like the Slow pokes and Sugar Daddy's we used to eat as kids. I gotta get one of these.