Monday, October 19, 2009

Another Ortoncentric Posting

Kyle Orton leads his team over the top in a rough and tumble in San Diego, sucking the voltage out of the Chargers. Can't wait to see the sad faces at the mill in the morning.
Because they all told me, Orton sucks, ya know... they got Rivers. Chargers will win. Just watch... Rivers is the real quarterback.
Yeah, sure,guys...

Tonight, the lion-hearted out-QB'd another gunslinger.
I think he only has one or two turnovers for the season.

Rock on, Kyle. I wish you all the best.

Just imagine being a fly on the wall in Halas Hall when Jerry Angelo sees Orton leading the Broncos toward the Super Bowl, while Cutler's, and the Bears', season is over in Week 17.

I hope not, but things are looking more in that direction.


  1. Orton and the throw-back (throw-up) Broncos uniforms are a good match. They're both ugly.

  2. This is funny Gino. You have the same relationship with the Bears I have with the Vikings. Let's face it though...there are just too many teams in the NFL. on Average your team is only going to the win the superbowl every 28 years. It's been 25 years for you and 59 years for me. You gotta love lovie Smith though.