Sunday, October 25, 2009

Blown Away

It's been a Sunday of blow outs this week.
Congratulations to you Cheeseheads for moving one step closer to the Favres.
Unfortunately, it looks like the Bears might be battling the Lions for 3rd place if this shit keeps up.

Tell me again how the arrival of Rex Jay Cutler was suppose to improve the Bears offense...
Better yet, explain it to Jay.


  1. The Bears give up 45 and you're talking about offense, Gino? Maybe they should have traded for Drew Brees.

  2. i was expacting that point.
    but, there were at least three interceptions, and zero offense, making the shame that much worse. our D never left the field, it seemed.
    and when your O never sticks around to play, your D gets tired fast.

  3. I didn't see a single play from either game, but I wouldn't say too much about the cheese; we are talking Cleveland Browns after all. As for the Bears, yipes. Consistency seems to have sunk somewhere out in Lake Michigan.

  4. Dread not, Gino. J-Cut gets to face the H1N1-riddled Cleveland Browns next week. He'll pad the ol' stats in that game.

  5. thansk brad, but i care not about j-cut's stats. just the W/L of the Bears matters to me.

    i hear Denver has a proficient QB. think they trade?