Sunday, October 11, 2009

How About A Little Respect

He's 5-0 now, still throwing zero interceptions so far, having beaten the Patriots and the Cowboys on the road. Two teams that get all the glory and the ink were struck down by some guy nobody paid attention to before, and likely still won't in the morning.

He works in the trenches, not the limelight. He's the real deal who gets the job done, I tell ya, and not some prima donna who thinks it's all about him.


  1. He still needs to lose the porno star moustache, but otherwise you're spot on, Gino.

  2. having beaten the Patriots and the Cowboys on the road.

    Not to nitpick, but those were home games for Denver.

    Lest we forget, another former Bear is having a nice year in Cincinnati. What's up with Cedric Benson? Never saw that coming!

  3. He may just be ready to fill the shoes of such greats as Trent Dilfer, or Brad Johnson.

  4. A little respect sounds like a fair request. How little are you looking for?

  5. Brad Johnson threw a touchdown pass to himself.

  6. ok, brad the 'nit picker' is right, and i stand humbly corrected. you can always rely on a bean counter to remember the details.
    what is it with you guys? its not human, i tell ya. it really aint.

    KD: if the broncos get that far, he would be the second dilfer.

    and i think benson finally grew up. the skill set was there. the 'man' wasnt.