Thursday, October 22, 2009

I've basically always been a beer man myself....

and one of the reasons for that was a rather unpleasant run-in with a bottle of Wild Turkey back in my college days. That doesn't mean I didn't find this article on bourbon to be very interesting. You know of course that there are more than 5 things you don't know about bourbon; but read theirs first, and then you can move down to mine.

Bourbon: 5 Things You Didn't Know

I'm sure you all will have your own tidbits of information about this beverage, and I'll be interested in reading them; but, for now, here are my own.

  • John Lee Hooker originally titled his song ‘One Cognac, One Scotch, One Beer;’ but, a friend told him cognac didn’t sound bluesy enough.
  • Research shows drinking too much bourbon will make men think even the most homely woman looks like Megan Fox; with the exception of Rosie O’Donnell. No amount of alcohol can make her look any better to a normal guy.
  • According to liberals, bourbon is one the leading causes of Man Made Global Warming. They don’t have proof, it just is in their bizzaro world.
  • Because of its high corn content and possibilities as a bio-fuel, scientists are now working on a bourbon propelled Segway to be the next great transportation breakthrough.
  • Historians are now crediting bourbon with helping the allies win the war in Europe during WWII. Roosevelt and Churchill were both known to be bourbon drinkers; Hitler probably preferred peppermint schnapps. Enough said.


  1. They don't have proof, it just is in their bizzaro world.

    Actually, about 80 proof, I'd say.

  2. after the third or fourth shot, who cares how it is spelled...

    i had a run-in with Jim Beam last april. depressed, and in need some some cheer, i shot waaaay too much into my g-tube, in waaaay too short a time span.

    like getting hit with a truck.

    (and Wife was angry with me.)

  3. Bourbon has always been pretty good to me. Yukon Jack, not so much.

  4. You say they don't have proof, but the proof is the proof. 70 proof!

  5. Actually, I believe Herr Schicklgruber was a teetotaler. Either that or wine coolers.

    (which Europeans note as proving Americans have a lot of bad wine)

  6. Ack! Yukon Jack, now that brings back memories (and was responsible for erasing others...).

    I think you're correct, though, that Yukon doesn't meet the strict criteria to be called Bourbon, since it's prepared using a 50/50 mixture of sugar and WD-40.

  7. Southern Comfort also almost killed me. Although in both cases, along with the Wild Turkey, it wasn't the quality of the spirit, but rather the quantity that was imbibed.

    I'm glad those type of days are a very distant memory. My imbibing now consists of an occassional Moosehead or Dos Equis; buying a 6 pack lasts me about a year.

  8. All I'm sayin' is that I should have invested in Jim Beam stock years ago!!!

    I remember the big fire they had years ago. A tragedy of epic proportions.

    And a good scotch, preferably a single malt, is delicious as well. Neat for the scotch and just a splash of coke for the bourbon. Don't bother me with that blended Canadian whiskey crap.