Sunday, October 18, 2009

Mediocrity Has It's Advantages

Like a non-implosion of Offense.

Go Broncos!


  1. Did you happen to see Jay Cutler's postgame presser? He was very terse.

  2. didnt see it, but wish i did.

    he needs to know: kyle never coughed it up in the red zone.

  3. kyle never coughed it up in the red zone.

    Well, to be fair, the Bears failed twice inside the ten: Once because Matt Forte fumbled and then near the end of the game when Orlando Pace committed a false start. Neither was on Culter, although he did have an ugly pick inside the 20. That's six picks in two Sunday night games. I guess Jay doesn't like to come out and play in the dark.

  4. he coughed it up last week,too.