Friday, October 9, 2009

Other Awards Presented to Barack Obama Today

13. Champion, Pillsbury Bake-Off
12. JD Power & Associates Award, Best Mid-Size Sedan
11. Queen of Sheba
10. Playmate of the Year (thanks, Picklesworth!)
9. Lady Byng Trophy
8. Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval
7. Best in Show, Westminster Kennel Club
6. Cy Young Award
5. Buckeye News Hawk Award (and coveted Silver Sow)
4. Robert F. Lucas Memorial Lt. Governor's Award, Key Club International
3. Best Little Whorehouse in Texas
2. Miss Richfield 1982
1. Alice in Dairyland


  1. 14. The Heisman Trophy
    15. The MilF Pitcher
    16. City Pages' "Best Right Wing Blog of the Twin Cities"

  2. The Secret Service is looking for Debbie Klopp to prevent her from taking revenge on her usurper. (#2)

    17. Nihilist in Golf Pants' Man of the Year.

    (never will happen--Obama can't skate, I'm sure)

  3. He got the MilF Pitcher? Now that is impressive.

  4. 18. Madden's Kankel Award.

    (Hillary is pissed!)

  5. 19. Hot Chick Friday of the year award.