Saturday, October 3, 2009

Problem Solving

This morning I considered the air-conditioning unit in the window. It has been letting in cold air for this past week. And I thought to myself, "I've got three options:
  1. apathy (doing nothing),
  2. perversity (opening the window and giving it a shove),
  3. responsibility (carefully removing and storing the A/C unit)."
Needless to say I went with #2.


  1. Is that an indication of why you're not in the field of carpentry any longer?

  2. Nah Gino, c'mon. I'm not dumb enough to shove it out the window. (Especially since the unit is NW's!!!) And KD, that's maybe not too far off. There's a lot of opportunities for things to get hurt in carpentry and I'm happy to have come through it unscathed.

  3. now, he instead of working as a carpenter, he works for one.