Friday, October 30, 2009

Remember that great scene from The Blues Brothers....

When they're tearing up the mall in the Bluesmobile, being chased by the cops. Jake say's: "this mall has everything."

Well, I don't think it had everything; but, thanks to the internet, and our favorite store, Walmart, you can buy the last thing you'll ever need in this life:

Discount Death: Wal-Mart Sells Caskets Online

I wonder what the return policy is. I also wonder what the grumpy old men model looks like.

Check out the model that's just right for you, HERE

I'd go with Dad Remembered at a reasonable $895. Although, it would be nice to have "He was a Grumpy Old Man" stenciled on it somewhere.


  1. funny, before I even looked to see if it was KD, I kinda knew that was you, KD. I got a good laugh this morning in the coffee shop over that one!

  2. i want a Mossy Oak model, from Cabela's.