Monday, October 5, 2009

Since Vikings Fans Don't Generally Know What These Look Like....

Just wanted to be helpful. I think Gino's team has seen one, though.


  1. Nice pre-emption of snotty nosed bragging. ;)

  2. Gee, looks kind of like the Green Bay offensive line to me.

  3. No R.A., those trophies are actually upright.

  4. "Just wanted to be helpful."

    Thanks, Mr. D, but real Vikes fans are used to disappointment; we don't need anyone to sugarcoat it.

    I have always been a glutton for disappointment since my favorite team is the Vikings followed by the Broncos. (It was a grump builder.) Yes, way too many Super Bowl losses to count on one hand... but at least the Broncos had sweet redemption!!! Ahhhhhh YES!

    I wait patiently for the Vikings to win one of them things in that thar photo.