Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Yes, we have no vaccines

I'm in Chicago on business this week, and it was pretty enlightening to listen to local talk radio this morning (WLS) covering the complete mess that is H1N1 vaccine distribution here in President Obama's old stomping grounds.

Yesterday, a few clinics began distributing the vaccines. Thousands of people stood in line for 6+ hours to get theirs, only to have many turned away due to inadequate supply.

Given that, Don and Roma (WLS's morning show) interviewed a man coordinating H1N1 vaccine distribution at another clinic today. They prodded him to understand how things were going to be done differently today to avoid more unnecessary chaos. I gathered from his answers:

  • They are expecting long lines and inadequate vaccine supply again today.

  • They don't intend to screen those in line for the criteria to get the vaccine (age 2-24, not currently sick, no chronic disease). I. e., they'll wait until they're through the line, and then turn them away if they're ineligible.

  • They will not (and now, have announced on the radio they will not) be checking IDs to ensure those getting the taxpayer-funded vaccines are local residents, or even US citizens. None, including illegal aliens, will be turned away (until they run out, that is).

  • Sound good to you? As the Democrats scratch and claw to turn over our health care to government control, this is the type of efficiency we can expect from the Public "Competitive" "Consumer" Happy Fun Option.

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