Tuesday, November 24, 2009

After seeing this....

I want to fly to Greenland or Murmansk and buy my dear sweet wife a coat made of polar bear fur. Right after I enjoy a large piece of meat for dinner while wearing leather shoes and praising God for the good things we have because of animal testing.

Or, put differently, if the IQ scale is truly a normal distribution, we know who occupies the negative portion of the curve. Environmentalists and animal rights activists.

(and just to make things clear, my friend ColdFusionGuy is not one of them!)

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  1. A bunch of people seem to think Catholics are stupid too, despite most of the greatest intellectuals for a couple of thousand years who had been exposed to Christianity choosing to write documents supportive of Catholicism. I believe several contributors to this blog personally understand the complete irrationality of this prejudice?

    By the time I left college, my rampantly anti-Catholic campus could no longer consider Catholics stupid, because I generally whipped everyone's intellectual ass in any subject I put any effort into (and several I didn't). Not that academics ought to be the only measure of intelligence. And I hated college and think compulsory schooling is immoral and unethical. But, on the IQ bell curve, since you reference it as if it has validity in the intelligence question, I am off the high end.

    Just because you happen to have a bunch of beliefs that do not match mine, does not mean I am stupid.

    It just means you are wrong ;).

    Unless, of course, you can provide reasonable bases for your assertions, instead of merely presenting a meanspirited shoutout to a crowd you expect to respond positively.

    In relation to your actual topic, I suspect it is a notch in my environmentalist belt (leather) that, having not previously been exposed to any group working to limit air travel, I just made a brief trip to a nearby city via plane for work and spent time worrying about the potential environmental damage that convenience was wreaking ... but I was more focused on the toxins in jet fuel that are now so ubiquitous that they are found in recommended-against quantities in America-grown organic foods and in breastmilk. Of course, those tests were in the NE, where fuel of all types is burned in more concentrated amounts than out here in the West ... but, worrisome just the same.

    On the other hand, at least in this case, the industrialized nations are more likely to deeply poison their *own* children, instead of the children of poor nations.