Tuesday, November 3, 2009

And you're freakin little dog too.....

I'm going to start a petition to send to Jack Elrod: Just shoot Sassy and put him out of our misery.
This stinking little mutt just isn't going to be happy until he gets Rusty and Mark killed. Every time this little rat-dog takes off on his own, Rusty follows and finds himself in a world of trouble; then, Mark has to risk his behind to go pull both their asses out of the ringer.

Our little dog doesn't go leading our kids out into the woods to be taken hostage by hostile squirrel poachers and threatened until I go out and save them.

I don't know why I continue to check in on this comic strip. It's like a sick compulsion comes over me to follow the stupid stories in this strip, most of which entail this frickin little devil dog wandering into bad situations. It has more lives than a cat.


  1. You ought to know by now that if it isn't Sassy wandering off it's Rusty and his stupid camera. Both should be put on a chain...or we can all chip in and buy Elrod a new plot device; this one has got to be as well-worn as Mark's ever-present khakis.

    Say, that Cherry is some dish and has got to be getting kind of lonely with all the time Mark spends out with his dog, Andy, punching out poachers. How come she never wanders off?

  2. I think Cherry ought to date Gil Thorp.

  3. she'll never leave Mark. that's why her name is Cherry.

  4. Eh... you old timers and your comics ;)

  5. They never had Pokemon when we were kids.

  6. i think pokeman is palm boys favorite.