Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Be on the lookout

Did any of you see the story where police in Brazil were able to capture a murder suspect based on this sketch done by an eyewitness. Unbelievable!!

Based on that success. PETA has issued a sketch in connection to a cruelty to animals case. They accuse the culprit of shooting a deer just so that he could get the antlers. They think the fugitive might be hiding out somewhere in Southern California.


  1. dont let the silly grin fool ya. that guy looks armed and dangerous.

  2. Can't be Gino--didn't he say he bagged a nine-pointer? I don't know much about hunting, but that perp picture looks like the horns have ten points? (I don't know much = I know it involves guns, and the general goal is to kill an animal. And it usually takes a lot of time, nowadays.)

    Good thing for you, Gino: I hear those animal-rights-activists secret anti-government prisons are pretty harsh. Tofurkey for Thanksgiving, the beginning of the horrors!

  3. It's uncanny!

  4. The "C" for Da Bears has a point on the left side. Can't be Gino, he obviously knows better than to wear a Cubs hat to watch Da Bears.