Friday, November 13, 2009

Cash for Clunkers Chart of Comparison

Beneficial, no?

Even more painful to look at is this Demonstration Video, showing how to seize an engine, as per the Cash for Clunker program.


  1. To call that idiotic and wasteful doesn't even scratch the surface. Previous generations pinched pennies and squeezed the use out of every little thing in order to get by. We wantonly destroy things when bidden by the government. Perverse.

  2. has a bit of month by month sales data. The gov't claims that 690,000 cars were sold under the program, but that month's data shows only about 400,000 "extra" sales--and the next month shows sales 150,000 to 200,000 below the baseline.

    Somebody send Obama a copy of Bastiat's commenataries on economics. (I did already, obviously he didn't read that copy)

  3. that car was smoking pretty heavily.
    probably putting enuf shit in the air to counter whatever was gained in the trade in.

  4. Probably just mostly water vapor, not smoke. That car looked just fine. Make a good winter commuter car.

    What did the Cash for Clunkers program accomplish besides artificially inflate the affordable car market along with the used parts market. Yes, Virginia, it screwed over the middle/lower class.

    It is a twist on the old saying, "If it ain't broke [then break it and] don't fix it."

  5. About that smoke; the oil is drained, hence all that's coming out of that tailpipe is water--and that after the sodium silicate solution abrades the piston rings away. Given that water is more volatile than oil, it's even doubtful whether the engine smoked much AFTER the solution was put in there. (rather, it was steam past the piston rings)

    My guess is the same as KR's; the engine was fine until they put that garbage in it. Thanks, Uncle Sam, for spending $3500 to $4500 to destroy a vehicle worth $2400.

  6. And for reference, it was originally a $30,000 to $40,000 car. This "cash for clunkers" giveaway simply gave a person most likely fairly wealthy already a few more bucks.