Thursday, November 12, 2009

Here's a thought

Helmets might be the reason that there are so many head injuries in football. Counter-intuitive, to be sure, but think about it; if you didn't have an inch of foam around your head, would you bang it against another player?

I always thought that real men played rugby or Aussie rules anyways. You can't put on an extra 100 lbs of muscle and fat if you actually have to run around with it.


  1. So, not even the old manly days of leather helmets?

  2. That might be a start.....of course, before recommending fundamental changes to the game, one probably ought to chart out the age of death for most ruggers too, eh?

    Either way, it's a fascinating thought that protecting your head might be the best way to get it hurt!

  3. million dollar idea. Put the 1 foam on the outside and the inside of the helmet!

  4. It's been done, with the problem that footballers look like Teletubbies out there with those helmets. :^)

    (it does reduce impact, but it also allows the head to be pulled to one side easier--you get neck strains in exchange for no concussions)