Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Holy Hind's Behind Batman

I am not kidding on the timing of this----I'm driving home from work tonight, and I'm thinking about how I was going to work Gino into a post related to the following story:

Illinois Driver Hits Two Deer in 10 Minutes

when this frickin deer comes bolting across the road right in front of me. I would guess that I came within two feet of ramming right into it's ass. By the time my own butt cheeks became unglued, I had forgotten about trying to abuse Gino, and was just thankful my little Saturn survived another close encounter with Bambi.


  1. Glad to hear you're okay, too, KD! K-Rod needs to go out and shoot some of those antlered rats.

  2. I'll be happy to do my part!!!

  3. i think mentioning your butt cheeks and myself,both in the same sentence, is abuse enough.

    at least til tomorrow. ;)

  4. Mentioning your butt cheeks is my light of life today as I sit in the coffee shop!!!!!!! KD - you're my favorite Grumpy Old Man. Sorry, guys.

  5. how come he gets to be the favorite? the rest of us have butt cheeks,too,ya know...

  6. Yeh, but when did you last poetically describe them as KD has?

    Ah, Gino - you guys are all great! Keep up the good work!