Saturday, November 7, 2009

House passes healthcare bill

As the House cheered passage of "Obamacare" (220-215), all I could think of was the line uttered by the character Padme in Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith:

So this is how liberty dies... with thunderous applause.

Ah, but the fight will rage on. The bill still has to get through committee in the Senate. And if it does, there are enough Democrat Senators who would not vote to end a filibuster.

Yeah, I'm pretty grumpy right but not enough to give up the fight. NOT EVEN CLOSE!!!


  1. Watching the coverage now, there was one "Republican" who voted for it. Ironically, it was the guy who took over the seat from about-to-be-sentenced William Jefferson in New Orleans.

    For those scoring at home, he has now overtaken Dede Scozzafava for the most appalling behavior by a Republican in November, 2009.

    I can't wait for the claims of "bipartisan" support for Crap Sandwich v. 4.0 -- with Republicans like this, who needs Democrats?

  2. Well, in the context of this vote, "with Republican like this..."

  3. Rep. Steny Hoyer actually had the audacity to call this a "bi-partisan" bill. Unbelievable.

    Rep. Cao (R-LA) voting "yes" isn't a huge shock. He also voted for SCHIP, omni-waste spending bill, IMF bailout & Joe Wilson rebuke. I guess the good news is Cao wasn't the deciding vote. The bill needed 218 votes to pass, got 220 "Yes's".

  4. If this goes through, every small business will have but no choice to drop their private plan and flip their employees over to the socialist plan. I think I read where small business costs would increase dramatically.

  5. There are a lot of things that can happen in the Senate to stop this. Start with Tom Coburn insisting that the entire bill be read aloud on the floor of the Senate. Lieberman has already promised a filibuster. And unless the Senate would drop their version of the bill and just adopt the Pelosi structure, which is possible but ultimately unlikely, there will be a conference committee process and a revote in both houses.

    It made it by 3 votes. Think you can find 3 people who value their careers more than their votes for this next time? I can think of three pretty obvious targets off the top of my head -- Earl Pomeroy, the at-large Congressman from North Dakota, and Steve Kagen, who misrepresents my hometown district (WI-8). WI-8 has been a red district over 80-85% of the time I've been alive. Kagen is a putz and will definitely be challenged. And how about putting the fear of God into Tim Walz?

    This ain't done, boys. Not by a long shot.