Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Now Here's An Idea...

Sometimes, even the strangest cultures can get it right...


  1. I dunno. They only hang the body. Not cruel enough.

  2. hey, its a start.
    i'd be even more supportive if they cut off the 'other' head,as well.

  3. If the case was solid, I can't say I don't support this. Although I wish children didn't have to see that kind of public display.

    Brave kid, the seven year old. I hope he, the three year old, and the other child (and presumably other unknown children) have households of love to hold them close :(.

    I thought the Saudis are one of the staunchest allies of the Catholic Church in the fight against abortion? ... something else they get right. Even if I don't like all the anti-feminist stuff they surround it with. AT least the protect the baby instinct is there.

  4. That is amazing. How about their stand on homosexuality?