Saturday, November 21, 2009

Oh My Sides

My first reaction was anger.
But anger is a dangerous thing that one mustn't hold on to.
And then I laughed.

It's not a done deal yet, but our government seems hell-bent on taking over the health care system. Eventually that becomes a funny idea. Sure, the generational theft, the covetousness, the disregard for consequences, the fanciful do-goodism, sure these things are enough to make the blood boil. And boy was I hoppin' mad after I heard the news. But in another way it's funny.

The boobs in Washington are going to try to make something work that just can't work. So we'll be able to sit back and see them try to hide the fact that it's not working. They'll talk about various "solutions" all of which won't work because the simple fact remains that removing competition and imposing mandates will have made the system expensive and ineffecient. Will they talk about fixing these problems? Nope. And so we'll be able to sit back and laugh at them.

And then when they can't hide it, we'll get to see them choose scapegoats. Politicians will point the finger at somebody and explain that it is their greed that is messing everything up. I have no doubt that stories will be written about how Generation XYZ is a very selfish generation because none of them want to be doctors. And there will be stories about how greedy corporations aren't producing new medical breakthroughs anymore. No doubt some folks will call for some kind of government intervention to fix the problem. And so we'll be able to sit back and laugh at them.

Also, we'll get to hear them making all kinds of promises of how, when they're elected, they will protect the health care that we have paid for and that we deserve. They'll butter us up and talk to us as if we're responsible adults, not wards of the state, and they say things like, "I will fight, FIGHT to protect your rights!" and "I promise not to cut one thin dime of benefits." And so we'll be able to sit back and laugh at them.

Oh yes, this is going to be quite the treat, especially if you like lying, scapegoating, pandering and posturing!!! Oh, and if you like lousy and expensive health care then you're in luck too.

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  1. Before I finished reading I thought this must be W.B. Well said W.B. Once again, I am totally with you!!!!!