Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Star Tribune Almost Gets it Right!

"The U.S. House of Representatives passed a radical, backward measure on Saturday..."

So says the Star Tribune's editorial today. I couldn't agree more. Of course the twits on Portland Avenue aren't actually talking about the bill that passed the US House of Representatives on Saturday night. You know, the one that is trying to take over the whole freakin' American health care system. No, these chronically obtuse journalists are talking about the amendment that passed beforehand to ensure that abortion would not be funded. Because for enlightened Americans the only cause for concern is that the feds won't be paying for baby killing. Because not paying for baby killing when you conduct a legislative coup d'etat over a sixth of the economy is the really radical and backward thing.

PS: Chemosh and Molech are surely pissed off that their subsidy got cut.


  1. In my view, the one positive aspect of this whole debacle is that the abortion debate is getting some new light.

    Members of Congress are being forced to take a firm position -- no more, "Well, I'm personally against it, but I don't think I should force my views on others."

    They will no longer allowed to be "pro-choice." They will be Pro-Abortion, or they will be Anti-Abortion.

    It seems the Star Tribune has already chosen its side.

  2. It truly does beg the question of when the government should end human life and when the government should protect human life!!!

    I again posed the question: