Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Bad times for Christmas

Not only is there a burning Santa, I'm pretty sure there is also a "union" Santa. How do I know this?

Well, my neighbor (and coworker) really gets into decorating his yard around holidays--Halloween, Christmas, you name it. Lights, candy canes, and those inflatable things they sell at Fleet Farm. Well, his Santa inflatable wasn't working too well, and hence St. Nick was laying down on the job.

Definitely union, don't you think? The only thing that could be better would be if he were leaning on a shovel.....maybe.... hmmmm.....would he kill me if I did...?


  1. He needs a few supervisors with clip boards watching himm too.

  2. My all-time fave union guy was the dude who was holding a sign that said "slow" in a construction zone on the Tri-State in Chicago. Of course it was gridlock at the time.

  3. i'm union, but we have to work for a living. no govt money pays for my check.

  4. And that's an excellent point, Gino. Private sector unions aren't really the issue these days, it's the public sector ones that are the problem.

  5. Well, at least unless we're talking about private sector unions without the blessing of Dear Leader, allowing them to get billions of dollars of equity that they were not entitled to under bankruptcy law...

    (UAW specifically)