Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Breaking news! The Scandinavian American Assoc. is Suing the Minnesota Vikings over the use of their team name....

It would seem that many Americans with Scandinavian heritage find it offensive that a football team would use what they believe is their heritage nickname. Especially so since when folks think of the Vikings, they imply behavior such as, pillaging, forceful entry, murder, mayhem, land grabbing and rape. Not to mention those berserkers who lead the troops in a wild, kill as many of em as you can with no regards for his own welfare whatsoever. Kind of how the Vikings football team plays their game.

December fools day! The law suit has not yet happened. I've been following the North Dakota Fighting Sioux battle with the politically correct crowd with mild interest. The school originally had an October deadline to work something out with the 2 tribes that were contending this, but now has been moved back to February. It seems one of the Tribes had a referendum vote and they voted 60 percent to 40 to allow the college to use the name "Fighting Sioux". The other tribe has recently voted in a new tribal chief who may be more sympathetic to school use of the name.

In my humble opinion even if NDSU gets tribal approval, they will never get the approval of the NCAA. This excellent college out here on the frozen tundra has been maimed, dogged, defamed and ridiculed by the Political correct crowd to the point where I believe they will not recover. I believe they are currently under some NCAA sanctions restricting who they can schedule sporting matches with. Good luck NDSU and you know what I mean when I say that.

When the Vikings pull up stakes and move to LA next year on the heels of another failed attempt by Zygi Wilf to have the MN government build him a stadium, what should LA name the team. I doubt the league will let the team take 'Vikings', similar to when Art Model moved his team to Baltimore.

Unless the Vikings win the Superbowl, you can expect no help from Minnesota political crowd, especially Govener Tim Palenty who has said he would not support it. But you have to admit, it's like the script has been written, and to this point they're following it word for word.


  1. In related news, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have sought a cease and desist order against the Minnesota Twins.

  2. but mary-kate and ashley have probably sold more merch anyway.

  3. and i would think the souix would jump at the chance to be associated with any level of education, even if it is just symbolic.

  4. The university is UND, not NDSU.

  5. Until the Buffalo file a lawsuit to change the NDSU Bison name to....

  6. UND vs. NDSU. oops. But what about my rename the LA Vikings. How bout... the LA knights!