Sunday, December 6, 2009

Celebrity sighting in Rockford

After church today I had to stop at the one place in Rockford where all the celebrities hang out---Tractor Supply.

I'm sure Brad and Angie would put that on their list of must sees, if they ever come here. This person may not be quite on that level; but, most of the readers here will know of whom I speak.

I would have said something in the store when I saw him; but, I unfortunately had a brain fart and couldn't come up with his name on the spot. It came to me as I was leaving the parking lot---Bob Sansevere.

For you non-Minnesotans, he's a local sports writer who also is part of the number one morning radio show in the cities. He actually looked kind of grumpy, so I guess it's best I didn't approach him.

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