Wednesday, December 16, 2009

G.O.M Christmas Gift Ideas

For the person who has about a gift certificate to a tattoo parlor where they can get a makeover and look like a snake. (I'm sure they can accommodate your choice of any kind of reptile)

One for your pet. Cat owners...I'm sure your beloved feline would love to get a gift that offers hours of entertainment. As a bonus, when they're done playing, they can eat the gift as well.


  1. That dude is just gross, worse than Al Gore.

  2. I'd like to see what he does for a Christmas picture. I'd love to hear a comment from his dear old mom.

  3. It was interesting when I got my tattoo (only one, and small), the tattoo artist didn't do any sort of "have you thought about the permanence of this action you are about to take?" sort of counseling. It surprised me at the time.

    And then I see stuff like this, and I guess asking clients any questions about "why" would dig up way TMI, way too easily. Best keep one's mouth shut and get the job done. Eek.