Saturday, December 5, 2009

I Am Legend....hear me snore

I watched Will Smith's I Am Legend while lying in my sick bed last night. If you haven't seen it, the basic premise is that scientists develop some wonder virus that is suppose to cure cancer; but, in the end it actually wipes out nearly all of mankind.

Most of those that don't die become some mutant form of Jared Allen. They all move at about 80 miles an hour and relentlessly pursue whatever it is they're chasing. They also knock over cars and break through iron doors like they were paper mache.

Maybe I would have enjoyed it more had my brain not been so foggy from the illness. We got the dvd from Netflix, and I have a question for you guys who are more knowledgeable on modern gizmos, like dvds.

Every movie that we've received from Netflix, since we recently started up with them again, has frozen and/or skipped in multiple areas. We tried them in our dvd player, and in a PS2. The movies that we own don't freeze or skip in those players. So, last night I put the movie in our laptop, and it played perfect all the way through. Today, Jonathan put the same dvd in our desktop Apple, and it skipped. I'm totally befuddled. I'm not real happy that all the movies we get from Netflix will skip in our regular players. Any ideas?

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  1. how many scratches are in the dvd? netflix discs take a lot of abuse.

    i've found that not all dvd players are created equal. i've stacked three of them. when one wont play, i put the disc in another one, and then the other.

    between the three, i can play anything. and the one that was the cheapest to buy, will play the discs the other machines wont, but at the same time, it wont play most of what i put into it, and is why its #3 on the depth chart.

    makes no sense to me, i cant explain it, but i'm sure somebody out there knows.