Monday, December 14, 2009

Radio Adventure!

I listened to National Public Radio on my commute home tonight. All of my assumptions were confirmed.
  1. There was a story on how global warming is hurting the poor in Colombia. A river flooded and caused damage. C'mon! How obvious is that! Oh, and it's causing drug gangs to flourish. How's that? Don't ask.
  2. A guest suggested that a particular book might be good for boys. The host quickly cut in, "What about girls!?" She is still living in her fantasy world of grievance [F.W.O.G.] where little boys have all the advantages over girls. Anyways, the guest explained that boys need more encouragement to read these days because many are falling behind.
  3. And then there was the story about the proliferation of small stores selling "medicinal" marijuana in Los Angeles. The reporter seemed shocked that folks were gaming the system and scandalized that proprietors were setting up shop to make a profit. D'uh.
All told, a guy would be pretty uninformed if he just listened to NPR. Glad I'm not paying for garbage like that!


  1. Not paying for it? Hmmm. What part of NATIONAL PUBLIC Radio don't ya get? NPR really does appreciate your tax dollars.

  2. My last comment was offered with tongue firmly in cheek. :) Or should I say :(

  3. You really are grumpy!!

    An old codger