Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Whaddya Get For Christmas?

We had a post last week that blathered on about what lousy stuff we'd gotten for Christmas or maybe it was stuff we'd given. Who knows? I don't read these things carefully. So it seemed only right that we could commiserate about the crap that we got this year. Here's my haul:
  • 1/2 lb. American cheese
  • 6 pack Walmart ankle socks
  • Tiger Woods Fathead
  • 2 disc set "Classics of the Pan Flute: Zamphir Rocks Out"
What did you get? And if you're actually cranky, instead of just fake cranky like me, then don't get yourself in trouble by writing down your thoughts on the internet. That's just dumb.


  1. A Tiger Woods Fathead? Now that's a good gift.

    I got a set of Jay Cutler nesting dolls, a 54 cent gift certificate for Dollar General and a bright red Hawaiian shirt from Unique Thrift Shop in Columbia Heights.

  2. hang on to those nesting dolls.

    i got a box of chocolates (that i cant swallow, but nobody really knows that.)

  3. Picklesworth, if you don't like the ankle socks, you can always cut the toes out and convert them into lovely wrist sweaters for the Mrs.

    Lemons into lemonade, my friend...

  4. Mr. D your Christmas sounds alot like mine. Since I have a detached retina (see young-dead-elms post for details), we didn't do as much shopping. My lovely wife actually bought me a case of jelly jars at Goodwill, and made me open in front of the family. To save the day though I got a $20 Culver's gift certificate.

  5. I don't like Christmas music. I know, I sound like a Scrooge, but I don't like old music, and Christmas music is no exception. So, never make the mistake of blathering on about how you adore someone's singing on a Christmas album, because someone might buy it for you, and someone did. It was the only gift I didn't like.

  6. Oh, I only blathered on about how David Archuleta's singing was so nice because he is this sweet 17 year old who won the American Idol thing, and he does have a nice voice, but I didn't want to offend the giver by saying that the type of music he was singing didn't particularly appeal.

  7. I got a pile of bills...........

  8. Wusthof Santoku knife, a sweater that doesn't fit after being washed, a chinese checkers board made of compressed sawdust, plenty of goodies.....the knife just glides through food and makes up for a lot of junk items.....