Monday, January 4, 2010

2010 Dead Pool

Well if we were playing baseball, a .400 clip would be a standard of excellence. Dunno how said percentage rates in dead pool predictions.

Nevertheless, both Walter Cronkite and Ted Kennedy passed this veil of tears in 2009, per my prognostication. However, I missed the mark on Norman Lear, Fidel Castro and Noam Chomsky.

With a brand new year comes another batch of contestants. Now I could go with the three people who survived the dire fate I prescribed them in '09, but I think I'll branch out a little and go with a whole new list.

In no particular order:

1)Gloria Steinem
2)Lauren Bacall
3)Robert Byrd
4)Kirk Douglas
5)Eli Wallach

I will maintain this list on the lower right hand portion of this site.


  1. Byrd's a real good pick. I don't know about the others, although Eli Wallach has to be getting up there.

    The reason last year's picks didn't come through is that bile is a preservative.

  2. True, how old is Byrd?

    How old is HW 41?

    Bud Grant is getting old, but I don't think he has had any death threats lately.


    Mrs. Bob Hope
    Art Linkletter
    John Wooden
    Jake Lamotta
    Ariel Sharon

  3. Byrd just turned 92 in November and Bush 41 will be 86 this year.

    Last year we had some softballs with the likes of Patrick Swayze, Kay Yow (NC State women's basketball coach) and Teddy Kennedy all being stricken with terminal cancer.

    This year I'm going more the "old age" bit. For example, Wallach, Douglas and Byrd are all in their 90s.