Thursday, February 4, 2010

B. O. has the same M. O. as T. O.?

Clever blog post from Neil Braithwaite at American Thinker today (h/t Rush): The President Is No Team Player.

After losing a close game, the coach put his arm around the young rookie quarterback who came off the bench to try to spark a comeback for his team. In an unsettling retort to his coach's encouragement, Tom Brady said, "I gave it my best shot coach, but remember, I inherited that situation...." Any player with that attitude would be toxic to a team.

However, there have been instances of players like this. Take Terrell Owens for example. He never took responsibility for a loss and always made sure any blame landed on someone else. He was shuffled from team to team and always with the same result - he didn't last. Owens has great talent, but because he's not a team player, he'll always exit early.

I preface my political point with all of this because it is painfully relevant to our situation in America today. After playing for a full year and no longer considered a rookie, it seems obvious that America has recruited a President who continues to exhibit these same toxic characteristics....

The rookie took the ball and began to swell with pride as he reminded team America in the face of this great adversity -- they could count on him -- but he also made it very clear to the team that he inherited this whole situation.

With three years left on Obama's contract, how is America's franchise player working out for the team now?


  1. Good find, Dan - that's an excellent point.

  2. We signed a putz to a four year deal. Let's fire the GM! ... Wait a second.

  3. D'ya think we can ship President Obama off to Buffalo and have Miles Austin run the country for the next three years instead?