Friday, February 19, 2010

Does PETC know about this

People for the Ethical Treatment of Cheese

Varieties of cheese on verge of extinction

I'll let you read the story. It basically pertains to the state of cheese making in France, so who really gives a rat's ass; but, there was one line that caught my attention.

Many blame the Americans, saying they habituated the French to pasteurization, to the detriment of raw-milk cheeses — an ironic claim, considering that the germ-killing process was invented by a French hero of science, Louis Pasteur.

Freakin French. Is there anything going wrong in their country that they don't blame Americans for. I almost hope there's a WWIII so that they can get routed again and turned into some large cheese and wine producing labor camp for whatever country overruns them---like Liechtenstein.


  1. of course its all our fault.
    if we hadnt pulled their nuts from the fire, they all be speaking german, and probably be more efficient at everthing by now.