Saturday, March 27, 2010

"Hello officer, did I park in the wrong spot?"

Was out geocaching with my red haired 11 year old daughter and tow headed 9 year old son today. 2 concerned citizens thought our activity looked so suspicious that instead of asking us what we were looking for or did you lose something, that they photographed my son, my license plate and called the cops.

The officer was very nice. He said that last night he had a call reporting a suspicious man with 4 small children in a grocery store.

What.. did you think me and my kids were trying to sabotage the tunnel under Co. Rd 19.

The other day the neighbors dog came over my fence 4 times. I called them directly. Got the story of "it's my sons' dog, and he won't work with her." She said she would try to keep an eye on him and get after her son. And the dog hasn't jumped the fence since the call.

I imagine if I had done the gutless thing and called an officer of the peace, it would not have gone as well for them or me. But it seems that this is what our society is evolving into. The nanny state that has a government employee whether local, state or God forbid national, that is on call 24/7 and waiting to arrive on the scene and make our lives miserable.

yeah a little grumpy here


  1. I guess we'll have to go out and get some shirts printed up---"We are geocaching, leave the cops out it."

    They probably had an Obama sticker on their car.

  2. thats exactly the kind of tshirt a terrorist would wear, to divert attention.

  3. Good post. In so many ways, we want the painless solution, not the right one.