Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I saw this story this morning: College Students Want 'Our Lord' Phrase Off Diplomas. Before clicking on the link, though, try to guess which college it is.
"A diploma is a very personal item, and people want to proudly display it in their offices and homes," Sidra Qureshi, president of [...], told the Chronicle. "By having the phrase 'In the Year of Our Lord,' it is directly referencing Jesus Christ, and not everyone believes in Jesus Christ."

Qureshi, a Muslim student at the school, is leading the campaign to remove the words. The Board of Trustees is expected to vote on the matter during a meeting next month....

So what was your guess? Yale? Nope. Berkeley? Good try, but incorrect.

No, the college whose student body is offended by "directly referencing Jesus Christ" is... Trinity University.



  1. That is hilarious.....as if nonbelievers wouldn't also pick up the little issue of "Trinity" as a theological difference they have as well.

    Put a couple of pigs down around the tower on their logo as well and reissue the diploma....

  2. Has anyone told this Einstein that unless he changes the actual number 2010, he is still locked into the icky Jesus reference? Maybe he should invent some other number? Or just put a random number? Or maybe he should just forfeit his credits and slink away in shame for being a ninny!

  3. Good one, W.B.!!!!!!!!! I always think of that. 2010 means 2000 years after the year of our Lord!

  4. I was going to guess Notre Dame.

  5. A persicuted church is stronger than a passive one any day. God put this person here for a time like this...for the school board to reunite and vote unanimously for keeping the wording, and sending a personal letter to this fool and saying No. if you don't like it, go somewhere else.

  6. "The school was founded by Presbyterians in 1869 and has been governed by an independent board of trustees since 1969."

    my first guess was that it was an anglican divinity school.

    so, i wasnt off by much.

  7. Many colleges have nominal religious affiliations that mean just about nothing. My school did and we have a very nice chapel in the middle of campus that is used for many things, but the only time a religious ceremony happens is if a student or alumnus rents it out for a wedding. Although I did see Buddy Guy and Junior Wells perform in there one time, which is nice.

  8. Yeh, but what was so funny is the title of the college - Trinity. It's title in itself points to the truth about the Lord!!!!!!!