Thursday, March 11, 2010

Pay attention to the magistrate

Yep, I'm gonna be there for the grand opening, too!

Looks like St. Paul might be seeing a lot more of Bill Murray. The actor, who also co-owns the St. Paul Saints, occasionally travels to our fair city to watch his baseball team play. Now, he's looking to open one of his Caddyshack restaurants here.

Caddyshack's Nick Crist confirms the chain is planning to open branches in St. Paul and Atlanta, although he didn't know when or where. It's no secret the Saints are looking at Lowertown as a potential site for a new stadium. Meanwhile, Lowertown has become a restaurant hot spot.

Yes, I am indeed one of those obnoxious cretins who can quote just about every line from the classic 1980 film of the same name.

Can't you see it now? A bunch of grumpy old men bellying up to the bar, quaffing for about two hours and then in an inebriated state saying "You never ask a navy man if he'll have another drink, because it's nobody's god d***ed business how many drinks he's had already, right?"

I think we found our location for the inaugural Grumpy Old Men bloggers banquet!


  1. They better have a combo that includes a hat and a bowl of soup.

  2. I wonder if the waitresses all bark like dogs as they serve you.

  3. I might even haul all the way up to MN for that!

  4. It's a Cinderella story. This former greens-keeper, now a restaurateur...