Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wouldn't a flux capacitor work....

Where's Spock? Physicist Says Warp Speed Will Kill You

"Getting between stars is a huge problem unless we think of something really, really different," Edelstein said. "I'm not saying that we know everything and that it's impossible. I'm saying it's kind of impossible based on what we know right now."

Ya know, it's nice to know that with my simple BA in Social Science/History, I'm on the exact same page as this physicist. I too think we need something really, really, really, really different in order to travel to a distant galaxy. I always thought maybe a converted mini-van could do the job, but lately I've changed my thinking on the subject.

Great minds do think alike.


  1. KD - go to my blog and see my post about 20 foot python killing child. It was the Onion's. You probably saw it already, but it's right up your alley. So funny!