Friday, April 16, 2010

'Tax the Richest Minnesotans' Union Ad campaign

Those of you who live on the frozen tundra may have seen this ad.

I've had some work down in Iowa the last few weeks and down there they've been running some pro union ads, touting such things, as $200 more pay per week than the average non union job, and better and cheaper health care.

My guess is when these union folks sat down and figured out their taxes this year, they found out that they are the 'new rich' folks. And that they are paying a good amount of taxes to both State and Federal.

Then what really irked me was last nights news, the lead story on our local fox 9 news showed a Union boss crying a pool of pity tears over one profanity laden phone call someone had left on answering machine about this ad. Must have been a slow news day because they dragged this thing out for 2 or 3 minutes.

I feel no envy of the Rich. My sister in law is currently a Nanny for several families who would certainly be considered Rich. One is a Doctor and one is an investor. My children are clad in the clothes that these folks have wore one time and discarded. I have bags of electronic gadgets they've thrown out. Both my wife and I are wearing $100 dollar tennis shoes they're done with. They've employed my wife on many occasions, and let us use their homes when their families have been abroad.

These folks not only pay their fair share of taxes. They're decent and generous people and I love them. The idea that they're not being taxed enough, and by doing so will solve all the problems of the poor, class sizes, roads and Etc. is ridiculous.

What the unions have done here is flashed their pro government card. In exchange for the cushy little health insurance tax breaks Obama has garnered for them in exchange of their eternal vote, the unions have taken up his fight to tax the Rich.

Our Rich Doctor friends have earned their fortunes, by paying for it a hundred times over curing their 8+ years of school and residence and service to you and I. You Union folks have have your great paying, secure jobs because you've gone to trade school and have been lucky enough to have a brother that works for the Union. Stop your whining, buck up and pay your fair share.


  1. Great post, I vote tax cuts all around.

    Is Meals on Wheels a government service up there?

  2. Well said. I have always appreciated Walter Williams' comment on this subject; "Have you ever been hired for a job by a person who is poor?" Somehow it never seems to occur to these rocket scientists that a dollar out of the pocket of the business owner is very often pretty darned close to a dollar out of the pocket of his workers.

  3. I think what bothers me about this ad is the "you pay your fair share. Make the rich pay their fair share." It's a flat out lie. This ad appeals to the very worst in people, their greed and envy.

  4. Who doesn't like to win at Monopoly?!?!?!? The game's goal is not to go bankrupt but to be the wealthiest in the end. It's not like the goal is to land on Income Tax.

    I would hope this ad would backfire, but I am afraid there are too many with their snout in the tax trough.

  5. i think we should try taxing poverty.
    just a thought...

  6. Wait until Obama's new tax on what you don't buy kicks in.