Monday, May 3, 2010


Check out this smokin' hot babe!!

She's pretty hot, ain't she?!?!

(SIGH) Yeah, she's also gay (Not that there's anything wrong with that. Just a buzzkill to all potential male suitors).


  1. Not anything wrong with that? I say Yuck!

  2. I'm of two minds.

    1) I don't care and I don't want to know.
    2) It's wrong no matter how much it's being promoted as hunky dory.

  3. I've never understood the need for a press release when a celeb announces he/she is gay.

    Maybe it could be slipped in casually, say, during an interview:

    Interviewer: Now you're a very attractive lady. Are you currently attached?
    Chely: I am!
    Interveiwer: Anyone we would know.
    Chely: I don't think so. Her name is Kim and she's a dog groomer who lives in the Nashville area.
    Interviewer: Is it serious?
    Chely: Kind of....

  4. My theory is that she was despairing because all of us grumpy old men were already taken. Maybe if she meets Kevin, she'll reconsider, as Kevin's a great choice for the next grumpy old man.

  5. Publicity stunt for herself?

  6. gay or straight, my odds with her would be about the same anyway.

  7. She is not gay, she is a lesbian.

  8. KR, did I miss something in the nomenclature there?

  9. Well yes, PB, (not to mention they changed the original meaning of "gay") "GLBT" is what they call themselves. I would expect them to correct you if you called a bi-sexual a lesbian. Or vice-verse as was done at the end of the film Dodge Ball.

    (Brad, your post reminds me of a joke. I will have it posted in the morning.) Ha ha ha