Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Don't be a dumb-ass, son

Tasered Teen Called Dad for OK to Run On Field

Consalvi, a high school senior from Boyertown, leapt onto the field at the top of the eighth inning during Monday night’s game against St. Louis. He ran around in the outfield, waving a white towel, and dodged two security officers.

The police officer chased him for about 30 seconds before the stun gun probe hit the teenager, who stumbled forward, slid face-first on the grass and stayed down for about 30 seconds before standing up and walking off the field.


His father, Wayne Consalvi, told The Philadelphia Inquirer that his son called him from the ballpark to tell him about the stunt. Wayne Consalvi said he told him not to do it.

If I'd been the kid, the taser would have only been a taste of what I'd have received when I got home. Actually, the kid and his parents sound as if they've got a pretty good grip on things. The kid did, after all, call Dad first and Dad advised him not to do it. He did it anyway, and he's not going to get any sympathy from mom, either:

Consalvi’s mother, Amy Ziegler, apologized for his actions and said he regrets running onto the field. “It was stupid. It was just absolutely stupid,” she told WTXF-TV.
It's kind of refreshing these days when parents are willing to call their kid a dumb-ass rather than calling a lawyer.


  1. His next stunt should be at a hockey game and start swinging round houses at the biggest brawler on the ice. It has happened...

  2. I was watching the NFL game back in the early 70s when a fan ran out on the field between plays and grabbed the football at the line of scrimmage and started to run off. He got about four steps before Mike Curtis, middle-linebacker for the Baltimore Colts absolutely blew him up. I remember the announcers and my dad and I were saying "All right!" I think the dude may even have been knocked out.

    Then there was the NHL game a couple of years ago when some guy decided to streak. He jumped over the glass wearing nothing but a pair of red jogging socks, made it about ten feet out onto the ice, slipped, fell backwards and hit his head on the ice, knocking himself out, er, cold. In fact, it was really cold. He could have gotten by with a Nutty-Buddy "Junior".

  3. that had to have been embarasing.

    running out on the field is something some of my friends would have done. and they would have gotten tased, but would wear that tase as a badge of honor.
    it builds cred.