Thursday, May 13, 2010

I'd like to emulate the sentiments of Dr. King; but, we all know that means squat to your typical liberal (racist)

A liquor store is looted after hockey fans celebrating the Montreal Canadiens victory over the Pittsburgh Penguins, turned violent in downtown Montreal, May 12, 2010.

What the heck!!!! The Canadiens won, lets go loot a liquor store.

This doesn't look like your typical gang (group) of hockey fans. I don't know; but, I'm wondering if the business owner is black. If he/she is; then, the pain this is going to cause them needs to be laid at the feet of all these men, whose character is proving to be something far less than desirable.


  1. all this shows me is that the 'loot gene' crosses national boundries.


  2. i might catch hell for that one.
    let me have it.

    but admit that its funny.

    how else can you explain the similarity? cant blame the legacy of slavery in canada.

  3. I remember KD challenging me to the "keep the beer from freezing" contest....I would have thought that dem Cannucks would have no need to loot a liquor store, because they'd have had enough beer to put Rosie O'Donnell into a coma on hand already.

    Or at least after winning a big hockey game, dey would have been pretty much in a coma anyways, eh?