Thursday, June 17, 2010

Enough With Appearances

Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey has been wowing conservatives with his straight talk.  He's an adult who is making a case that voters need to be adults too if we are going to overcome our problems.  It's just refreshing to watch someone who explains basic, conservative principles without apologizing.  It convinces me that there is hope for America.  Go conservatives!  We're the adults and we'll get this country back on track!

But in the comments to the post that I link above someone lays out this:
Someone please introduce Christie to Mike Huckabee. For Christie to be a national figure he MUST lose some weight. Sorry to say but appearances matter.
Would someone please slap this guy?  "Appearances matter?"  How about competent governance?  How about willingness to tell the truth?  How about forthrightness concerning our financial challenges?  What we DON'T need is some good looking politician who will do the expedient thing.  We need a real leader, whatever he or she looks like, who will actually lead, using principles upon which this country was founded and which have been proven to work. 


  1. with so many obese people in this country, i dont think a well dressed man of heft is going to face many problems being heard.

    sure, the media will assault him, but if he were a democrat, they would make excuses for him anyway... turn his weight into a positive some how.

    if he were athlete GOP, he would get assaulted for being to into himself or something.

  2. Lessee.....Teddy Roosevelt, Taft, McKinley, Cleveland, Arthur, nah, you could never have a decent President who was a bit overweight.

    Or a bad one, like Mr. William Jefferson Clinton.