Friday, June 11, 2010

I bet it was a ninja water buffalo

There's nothing more dangerous than a wounded water buffalo...and you shouldn't sell the dead ones short, either:

Water buffalo head tumbles from wall mount, traps man who was snoozing in reclining chair
Associated Press

ISLAMADORA, Fla. - Most people would only worry about being crushed by a buffalo out in the wild. It turns out the animals can be dangerous when they're mounted on walls, too.

Monroe County Sheriff's deputies say a man in the Florida Keys had to call 911 when a stuffed water buffalo's head mounted on a wall fell on him and pinned him as he slept in a reclining chair. The sheriff's office said the call came in early Friday from the man, who could only yell his address and tell operators he had been trapped.

The man had apparently woken up when the buffalo head fell on his lap. The head was too heavy for him to lift, but the man was able to reach for his cell phone and call for help. He was taken to a hospital for treatment.

This could be a disturbing development in the Animal Kingdom Jihad (AKJ). It's hard enough to defend against a dedicated suicide-jihadists, but if they're willing and able to strike back from the dead it's a whole new ballgame. Or perhaps this was just a super-stealthy, super-skilled ninja cow (water buffalow clan) lying in wait, looking for its chance.

Hey, K-Rod - you've got to have some stuffed heads mounted around your place; ever feel as if they're watching you?


  1. Beware of the ninja cows!

    I had shoulder mounts done on the two 10 point 200+ lb bucks I shot.
    They are in the living room/entry above the front door/garage door. You'd be surprised how light they are. But an antler could put an eye out.

    Are they watching us?
    Why do you think wife L-Rod won't allow them in the bedroom. ;^)

  2. Curiouser and Curiouser: note the jihadist dateline on where the article was filed - ISLAMadora, FL.

  3. Getting a good laugh over here in my neck of the woods!!!!

  4. I just moved my La-Z-Boy out from underneath my mounted squirrel heads. I don't want to have to wear a NuttyBuddy while reading or doing a crossword puzzle.