Monday, June 14, 2010

New Grumpy Old Man

As the resident youngster amongst wheezers in this blog, I would like to make a nomination for our newest Grumpy Old Man to enter the pantheon of GOM Greatness.

Book of Eli was one heck of an action movie, with stellar camera work and every one's favorite, a post nuclear armageddon world of men struggling to survive against the elements and each other.

In walks Eli, carrying his book west, taking on all comers with the ferocity born of a lifetime of GOM'ness, and the courtesy one would expect when politeness is the due course of action.

(If you haven't seen this, it comes out on DVD soon. And its a must see.)


  1. or, you could read my review of the big screen version...

    good movie, eh PB? dude had some ninja skills, for sure.

  2. Gino's Review:

    Excellent movie, yep.

  3. i've never thought of eli as GOM material. yer right on that.
    he's grumpy, with a purpose.